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MetaBrewSociety's 2nd SeptemBeerFest

MetaBrewSociety's 2nd SeptemBeerFest

🍻MetaBrewSociety is Hosting the 2nd Annual SeptemBeerFest! 🍻

When: October 6-8 Where: Hofer Straße 21, Naila, Germany

Raise a beer with us and celebrate the fusion of traditional beer craft with Web3 vibes! And of course - we’ll provide free beer and alcohol free drinks on all three days 🍻

🍺 The Frothy Details:

  • Friday (6pm - 1am): Open to all (Tickets needed)! Dive into the weekend with live music,tasty brews and our Band (Skarabäus - https://www.skarabaeus.eu/)
  • Saturday (1pm - 1am): Open to all (Tickets needed)! Live music and connect with our MBS supporters! Band (Trachtenrocker https://trachtenrocker-band.de/)
  • Sunday (10am - 3pm): Open to all Tickets needed)! Relax with a brew in hand, chilling to the classic tunes of Blaskapelle des Musikverein Dankenfeld (Brass band of the Dankenfeld Music Association)

What to expect:

  • 🍻 Free entry, free beer, free alcohol free drinks – and a unique "Lager-than-Life" experience for our Holders. ;)

  • 🔍 Brewery Tours: Behind the Brew – literally! Take a guided tour, led by our expert Brewmaster-Team, through our state-of-the-art facility. Learn what goes into crafting the perfect beer, and why MBS is the leading Web3 Beer Brand!

  • ❤️‍🔥 Talk to the team! Of course the founding team will be there – talking and enjoying the time with all of you!

  • 🍖 All that beer giving you the munchies? We'll also have delicious food, available for purchase.

  • 🚂 Travel: While we don't offer shuttles this year, convenient train services are available from Hof to Naila, ensuring smooth transit for our attendees.

Whether you're in it for the hops, the music, or the camaraderie, SeptemBeerFest is where great experiences, and our amazing beers are brewed.

How to Claim Tickets: Tickets are available for our MBS Genesis NFT Holders (all days), Supporter (all days), as well as the General Public (only Friday and Sunday – not via Enter.xyz).

Holder Ticket: Grants admission for 1 person (any days), and is token Gated for NFT Holders. Holders are welcome to claim an additional ticket for a +1, simply by minting twice, and transferring the +1 ticket to a friend! MBS Supporter Ticket: Grants Admission for 1 Supporter (non-holders) – all you need is the Promo code to claim from the team! 

Important: If you are holding more than 1 NFT and you want to claim more than 2 Tickets (Holder Ticket) – write us an email with your Wallet-Address and how many you want to claim (maximum 2 Tickets per Genesis) to chantalle@metabrewsociety.com (Subject: "SeptemBeerFest Ticket"). We'll provide you an individual Supporter MBS code to claim your Ticket(s). If you received your code, just click on "Redeem Promo Code" and you can claim your ticket.

Please only snag a ticket if you're genuinely brewing up plans to join us for the event. A true headcount helps us craft the perfect beer-filled experience for all our frens! Cheers to keeping it real! 🍻🎉

Tickets can be claimed on our Enter.xyz page using a phone number, email or Metamask.

Be sure to download the Enter.xyz app to claim and save your ticket for the day! Another benefit: you can connect through Enter.xyz with fellow Web3 Frens using the App. Tickets are also transferrable.

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/app/enter-nft-token-gating/id1623372424 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xyz.enter.app

Enter also supports Delegate cash, so if you store your NFT on a Cold Wallet, you can use a delegate wallet to connect instead of your Cold Wallet.

We are looking forward to enjoying an amazing time with you! Prost! 🍻


  • Holder Ticket


    Holder Ticket

    Holder Ticket

    This ticket grants admission for one and is gated only for our NFT Holders.

    Want to bring a +1 to share the brews and the vibes? Simply mint this ticket twice, and transfer the extra ticket to a friend! Let's toast to our collective journey at SeptemBeerFest! It's more than just a festival; it's a chance to finally meet face-to-face, connect on a deeper level, and of course, enjoy some incredibly delicious beer.

    Come celebrate the blend of tradition and innovation that makes MetaBrewSociety truly one of a kind!