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Your Events With
Special Powers

A ticketing platform where every ticket is a collectible NFT. Forever on the blockchain. The ultimate loyalty program for your community.

Activate Your

Enter tickets last forever to become the ultimate loyalty points for your community. Reward early supporters and loyal members with priority access. Turn your events into gamified experiences.

Reward Most Loyal Members

Members-only Exclusive Access

Connect People Online & Offline

Gamified Events

Bring Life To
Your Events

Events tickets are no longer throwaway paper waste. Enter tickets become evolving digital collectibles that people can use online and in-real-life. Expand the boundaries of your community beyond what single-purpose tickets can do.

Tickets as Digital Collectibles

Evolving Memberships

Use Tickets Online and IRL

Interactive Ticket Art Reveal

Secured with
Enter Pass

No more fake tickets. Enter NFT tickets are built on the world’s most trusted blockchains. Enter Pass securely represents all NFTs on peoples’ wallets. During check-in, tickets are verified in real-time against blockchain data.

One Enter Pass For All Tickets

Built on Ethereum & Polygon

Crypto and Fiat Payments

Simple Free NFT Sending

It’s Free for all
free events

Only 2.5% for paid events + payment processing fees

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Multiple ticket tiers

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Seamless checkout experience

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Unlimited number of attendants

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Allowlist and promo codes options

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Crypto and fiat payments

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Check in scanning

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Event page

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Token gating